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The Collected Nightmares

NEW, May 8, 2019

 Adult Fiction

 Black Bed Sheet Books, Trade Paperback & E-Book, Publication Date: May 8, 2019, ISBN: 1946874116

Nightmares and dreams war inside you. Nightmares twine along the veins and through the synapses, into the nerves and beneath the skin. They skulk in the darkness that surrounds your heart. They’re always with you. They are you. They’re a version of you that has gone too far, done things you can’t take back. They lie.

 Dreams lie too. They, however, dwell in the light, in the open. They shine on your face out of the sun, and where before you saw darkness in the face of the stranger on the street, you now see the kindness in their eyes and the upward curve of their lips. Dreams light the way forward. Nightmares seek to drag you back. They’re always fighting for control of your body, but only you can decide which one wins. This is what master storyteller Fred Wiehe shows us through his achingly raw prose and poetry in The Collected Nightmares, that you can fight for the dreams, or sink into the darkness and let the nightmares take you. Every one of Wiehe’s characters—the struggling writer confronted by the sins of his past…. The witch who's the only thing standing between a small town and the evil that lurks in an ancient tree on its outskirts…. The man who’s visited in the night by a beautiful but very, very cold woman…. The three teen friends who play with demons beyond their ken…. The vengeful patrons of a horse stable…. The monster hunter who fears he might be the worst monster of all—make unexpected choices. Read the two novellas, twelve short stories, and seventeen poems contained within, and then ask yourself: Which will you choose?


Editorial Reviews:

Alice Clary, Manic Readers

"A collection of stories, poems and novellas covering pretty much every scary thing you can imagine, including monsters, ghosts, demons, evil doppelgangers and good old-fashioned murderers. Some of my favorites were The Reckoning, a satisfying story about vengeance and bullies. Another was My Only Daddy. This one was a bit sad, yet clever and spine-chilling. Another of my top choices was the final one, Dead Girl, about a romance with a dead woman, though not in a perverted way. You’d just have to read it to understand. What a great way to end the collection.

“The Collection of Nightmares” is a fitting title. These tales encompass pretty much everything nightmares are made of—in a creepily fun way. I thoroughly enjoyed each of the included works of this author. The only thing that would have made it better is just a bit of editing, although the minor issues were not enough to detract from my enjoyment. I’m not into poetry, but even the poems were entertaining and chilling. It’s been a long time since I’ve read scary stories, and these satisfied my craving. Settle in for a dark, deliciously chilling joy ride through this collection of stories. You’ll want to sleep with one eye open, if you can sleep at all."


Brian James Lewis, HELLNOTES

"Hello there, horror fans! Are you familiar with the saying, “No Rest For The Wicked?” Well, it seems to be a maxim that Fred Wiehe applies to his work. He may not be wicked, but he definitely knows how to write about those who are. The Collected Nightmares, recently released by Black Bed Sheet Books, is vast! We’re talking nearly 500 pages that include two novellas, twelve short stories, and seventeen poems. This author is not one to rest upon his laurels. The reason? Pain caused by an accident and the acid rain that lands on the injured party in multiple forms, all of which Wiehe has noted for us in the heartfelt intro.

This might sound odd, but I especially enjoy works written by those who deal with pain on the daily. It isn’t because I’m some cruel bastard who gets a cheap thrill from the suffering of others.  No, it’s more the feeling of meeting another member of the tribe I belong to as well. Suffering chronic pain puts a drive into a creative person like nothing else. Not even love can surpass the determination to leave a legacy and the chance to escape into another world, like the misery of pain does. Next to that is the anger hanging onto pain’s coattails. You’ve got to express that shit somehow or go mad. Wiehe’s fierce prose and valiant poetry are red hot with that expression. Ready to dig The Collected Nightmares? Then hold onto your hats, we’re going in!

“Pretender” starts us off on the right foot as we follow author Frank Lester who is running late for his own book signing on Halloween. At first, he is jazzed about being in Barnes & Noble, but elation dies quickly when someone tells him that his father dropped by. Many of us would be cheered by the prospect of at least one friendly face in the crowd, but that’s not the case for Frank. His father is dead, so how the hell could he pop into any store, let alone talk to a clerk? Looks like somebody has attempted a prank in very poor taste, but why? As the story progresses, spirits and Halloween customs assert themselves. Could a mask help Frank escape what’s coming after him? Perhaps giving out Soul Cakes in the more modern form of candies will appease the demons? Frank keeps hearing, seeing, and smelling clues. Is it just his imagination or signs of impending doom? Just when you thought Halloween was scary enough, Wiehe shakes your sanity. Intense!

Right after that fine piece of fiction, we read “Penny’s Song,” the first of many poems in this volume. Short, sharp, and frightening, Wiehe’s poetry adds much flavor to The Collected Nightmares.  These are powerful poems that tell us a lot about Fred and definitely express some of that anger I mentioned. A good example is “Not Dead,” which features the phrase:

The pain is always a part of me
Never gone
From it I am never free

There’s a lot more to this poem that I want you to read and appreciate. This is one of the best and most direct poems about what it’s like to keep your life, but not yourself as the result of events beyond your control. That, friends, is real life horror. We don’t want others to feel sorry for us. Hell, we don’t even know how we feel about you. Just understand that we are different now and there’s no chance of turning back even if we could. “Rebirth” and “Succubus” are full on terror about creatures of the night.

“Shoot Me” is a frightening flash piece that will surprise readers and is a heartfelt piece of writing. “The Collection” is a great slam against those bullies and mean people mentioned in the introduction. It’s a pleasure to see that their money can’t protect them and their bullshit reputations all the time! There are creatures out there who only want one thing, no substitutions. You can whine all you want, Mr. Applebee! See you soon! “My Only Daddy” is a frightening tale with a sharp twist. The narrator becomes alarmed when his son starts talking to people he can’t see and acting out. Surely this is not the little boy he and his wife raised? Well, his wife is gone now, due to mysterious causes. While the man is doing his best, his son ramps up the odd behavior. A stop must be put to this and there’s only one way to do it! But was it the right one?

One story in particular really stands out as a frightening fable about those who hurt others for fun. “The Reckoning” is beautifully written with just the right amount of terror mixed with a very important message. When a group of girls who take lessons at a riding stable start insulting the girl who works there cleaning stalls, things get out of hand fast. Yelling turns to violence and it looks like somebody might even die. The stable’s owner jumps into action, but instead of shouting at the girls or threatening to tell their parents, he insists they listen to a story. This isn’t just any old fairy tale, either. No way, this is a true story and what it reveals is chilling.

The Collected Nightmares is a genuine 5 STAR READ! Fred Wiehe should feel damn proud of what he’s accomplished here and we’re fortunate that he’s decided to stay among us and challenge our brains with his words. I really enjoyed his twisted tales and think you will, too! Fred Wiehe is a professional author and a member of the Horror Writers Association who’s written many popular books including Aleric: Monster Hunter. Be sure to follow him at: Black Bed Sheet Books has done a great job in producing such a powerful read and I also really dig the cover art. Want to learn more about them and the other cool titles they offer? Then visit their website at: They even have the only authorized biography of the legendary Vincent Price by the master himself!"

Daphne Strasert,

5 Stars A Must Buy for Every Horror Addict

"The Collected Nightmares is a selection of poetry, short stories, and novellas by Fred Wiehe that showcases his breadth as a writer. Wiehe takes an honest look at what we really fear lurks under the bed or in the closet (or in our own mind). He doesn't shy from addressing deep demons like suicide and madness. Many of Wiehe's works include novel creations of monsters and myths. His vague and terrifying interpretations of our darkest fears feel far from cliche'. None of his characters are guaranteed a happy ending (or an ending at all). In many ways, it's more satisfying to see Wiehe embrace the uncertainty of the real world in his fiction. Wiehe has a particular skill with shorter fiction and some of my favorite pieces were his shortest stories (including A Whistle and a Tap, Tap, Tap and Shoot Me). While the style and themes of his stories vary, they all include a flair for the unexpected. Twist endings are nothing new in horror, but Wiehe's hold that element of the truly shocking that makes them stand out. The two longer pieces in the collection--Under The Protection of Witches and Resurrected--deserved their prominent placement in the book. They were action-packed and complex with fully formed plots and characters. Under The Protection of Witches was adapted from a screenplay and I would certainly love to see a movie in the future. Resurrected fits into a larger series of novels about immortal legend Aleric Bimbai. Wiehe set the stage for a larger world while still offering an accessible taste in short form. Resurrected could very well be a stand-alone novel and I hope the other works in the series give the characters ample space for growth. Overall, I enjoyed the collection and recommend it for fans of horror (particularly with a leaning toward action). The Collected Nightmares is a comprehensive sampler of Wiehe's writing and a good read for horror addicts looking for a new favorite author."


4 out of 4 Stars

"What flies and pounces in the night? What oozes and walks wearing a false skin? Who stares at the readers, soulless and potentially dangerous? Who are truly the monsters that capture our imaginations in Fred Wiehe's book of short stories and poems, The Collected Nightmares? With the range of short stories in this compilation, readers get introduced to a variety of characters both good and evil. Some of the characters even toe the line and issues of morality are left up to the reader. Some characters hide dark paths under more pleasant exteriors while others are misunderstood. For instance, one character is a witch, but she is the protector of her town. The stories range between relatively short with a couple of longer ones, while a poem is featured between each one. The poems frequently reflect the pain that Wiehe has continued to experience after an accident, something he alludes to in both the dedication and inside his writing itself.

This anthology was excellent and deserves each of the 4 out of 4 stars I am bestowing upon it. On top of being well-written with hardly any errors, many of the stories result in the heart-racing sensation that one would expect from a horror compilation. The poems were organized in a way that they would relate to the following short story, a detail I appreciate. The stories were all dark, yet each twist and monster were unique. It was a wonderful read, and I do not have anything bad to say about the stories and poems themselves.

However, if I were to name the thing I most disliked, it would merely be that the portrayal of Wiehe's pain was intense. I do not dislike that he chose to share, and I love the results. Nevertheless, recognizing the origins of the book makes some of it hard to read. Understanding that these stories have been built off of chronic pain is the closest readers can get to truly empathizing with the author. Several of the poems address this pain directly, and my heart goes out to Wiehe. The poems are still well done, but future readers should be aware that he cuts to the heart of the matter unflinchingly.

Anyone who loves to read horror or thrillers would adore this anthology. However, given that both cursing and mature themes are included in many of the stories, I would advise that readers be above seventeen years of age. There are some stories and several poems that would be fine to share with younger readers, but I would recommend that these be read out loud to prevent them from coming across the more mature sections.

If anyone reading this review is in the mood for some thrills, The Collected Nightmares by Fred Wiehe should be the next step. With witches, ghosts, demons, and general mayhem abound, there is no shortage of characters and creatures that will make readers remember the things that go bump in the night."

5 out of 5 Stars
“As someone who suffers from nightmares, Fred Wiehe was convinced by his therapist that putting them into writing would be helpful to his mental state. Hence, this book lives up to its title – a collection of scary dreams about bad people, bad spirits, evil creatures, bad deeds, and the consequences that await. There are two novellas, 12 short stories, and 17 poems that tackle the dark side of the world. It’s a mix of reality and the supernatural where bullies, criminals, witches, monsters, ghosts, and other mythical beings can invade a person’s dreams. Fred shows through his stories that you can either fight these bad dreams, or sink into the darkness, and let the nightmares take you. The Collected Nightmares is a horror and thriller fantasy that was enough to scare me, and at the same time, be fascinated by the author’s writing style. I’m the type with the faintest heart, that anything would easily frighten me, but I think this book didn’t mean to just scare people – it was meant to teach values, lessons, and entertain readers. My personal favorites are The Reckoning, a short story about bullying, and The In Between Part 2, a short story about the shadow demon. I also found Under the Protection of Witches amusing; it was very entertaining that I could imagine it as an action-packed, suspense thriller movie. Overall, this book is no doubt, 5 out of 5 stars. It was scary, fun, entertaining, and teaches that no good can come from evil, so we all better be nice. I recommend it to ALL mature readers who love dark stories and poetry. In this turbulent time, this book is a good diversion; it’s a definite must-have.”


Reyna Young,

"Storyteller Fred Wiehe shows us through his achingly raw prose and poetry in The Collected Nightmares that you can fight for the dreams, or sink into the darkness and let the nightmares take you. Every one of Wiehe’s characters—the struggling writer confronted by the sins of his past. . . . The young witch who's the only thing standing between a small town and the evil that lurks in an ancient tree on its outskirts. . . . The man visited in the night by a beautiful but very, very cold woman. . . . The three teen friends who play with demons beyond their ken. . . . The vengeful patrons of a horse stable. . . . The monster hunter who fears he might be the worst monster of all—make unexpected choices. Read the two novellas, twelve short stories, and seventeen poems contained within, and then ask yourself: Which will you choose?


Fred Wiehe has combined a very nice collection of short stories, poems and two novellas for your horror enjoyment. Dive into the mind of an author who knows how to make your skin crawl and bones shiver. You find out first and foremost that the book is dedicated to an accident he had that almost killed him and from that accident he gave birth to a book you won’t be able to put down. 

The first story “Pretender” sets us up quite nicely, about an author named Frank Lester whose excitement of being at his book signing turns sour when his father comes to see him. The thing is; his father is dead. 

Each story, each poem, is amazingly unique in its own way, the way Fred writes not only draws me in but his storytelling is fantastic. As you read you forget what’s around you and by the time you know it, hours have passed. One poem I fell in love with “Holiday Madness” has to be one of my favorites from him. There are many but for some reason, this one stuck with me. I’ll give you a little taste of it.

Halloween lurks

Within shadows of my head

Christmas time gremlins hide

Underneath my bed

I won’t share the whole poem with you; you must buy and read for yourself. Beautifully written stories like Dead Girl or poems like Evil will be sure to have you wanting to more. Another great story that has a very important message about bullying is “The Reckoning” A group of girls taking riding lessons begins bullying and insulting Becky, the girl who cleans the stalls. When teasing turns into violence the owner jumps in, he knows exactly what to do: tell them a little story... a scary story that is a true story. 

Girl Power: 50%

Wiehe has some great girl power going on in this book with some stories; he has a nice line of balancing male and female lead stories; especially with the story "The Reckoning" which explores girl on girl bullying and reveals the outcome. 


The Collected Nightmares is a frightfully good read, Fred Wiehe knows how to tell tales and I hope he’s working on more."


Fan Reviews:

5 Stars, The Collected Nightmares is a stellar collection:

"I may be biased because I’m the author’s son, but I don’t care. I love this book, and I think you will too. I’ve gone back to reread, for my own personal enjoyment, all of the stories in this collection at one time or another, Under the Protection of Witches, The In Between, and the Aleric: Monster Hunter sequel novella being personal highlights. The book passed through my rigorous editing process so you know it’s good, Haha! Seriously though, the Aleric followup alone makes this more than worth a read. Give it a try! I promise you won’t be disappointed."

Ian Brenner-Wiehe, Amazon Review

5 Stars

"This book started off slow paced like a camp fire story but it quickly picked up pace. There was a few stories that stood out like the witches, and Aleric. And even the last one the time traveling Sheldon Cooper lol. Congrats Fred great collection."

Irish Marine, Amazon Review

5 Stars

"I'm a huge fan of Fred Wiehe! He can spin a story and take you places that will give you chills in broad daylight! Do not pass up a chance to be a part of his audience!"

Rosemarie McGourty, GoodReads Review

5 Stars  Fun Collection

"I was planning on taking awhile with this collection, figured a story here and there til I finished it while reading other things. Well that didn't work, read it in three sittings and only reason it wasn't less was because I just didn't have the time.

This is a fun clever collection of short stories, a couple of novellas, and several poems. The two novellas which are the bulk of the book are great reads. First, Under the Protection of Witches is a fun read about a small town which doesn't know how much they owe a family of witches, and the granddaughter witch who may not be up for the responsibility. Next novella is Resurrected about the monster hunter Aleric, this is a fun action packed story where our hero is able to dispatch several creatures but can be survive them all?

The short stories all are solid my favorites are Dead Girl which is about a man who witnesses the death of a young girl who he swears he knows somehow but had never seen before, her face haunts him. Also The Collection where a fat cat businessman faces the consequences.
Lastly I really liked the concept of The Alchemists about how two civilizations are mixed based on their creators' error. It pits a modern civilization vs. a more primitive one but whose beasts are not known in this new era. Glad to see it's a setup to a novel which I'm looking forward too.

Now for the poems, I'm not a poetry fan but I did enjoy all of these in the collection, well done short bits that enhances the collection.

All in all I highly recommend this collection, even if you are not a fan of shorts or poetry, the two novellas, which are 120 pages plus a piece and tell fun well formed stories, are worth the price alone

Josh Hitch, Amazon & GoodReads Review

5 Stars I Loved This Book

"I've always loved reading collections of short stories so I went in thinking I would definitely like this book, I didn't just like it, I loved it. I love how Fred writes, he knows how to get into your imagination and scare you. I highly recommend to anyone who loves horror stories, especially about witch's."

Amazon Customer


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Fright House

Amazon Bestseller, 2015


Young Adult Fiction (YA, 13-17+) & Adult Fiction

Caliburn Press, Novel, Trade Paperback,  ISBN: 978-1-62929-227-4, E-Book ISBN: 978-1-62929-226-7

Fright House, an insane asylum turned Halloween attraction, is the last place Penny Winters should be. She has awakened its long-dormant ghosts, giving it unimaginable power. Now it wants to possess Penny, absorb her psychic energy, and keep its ghosts forever alive. Only Tory Jackson and his Paranormal Scene Investigations team can save her. Time, however, is running out. On Halloween night, Penny has to die and become one with the ghosts. To that end, Fright House is willing to kill everyone.





“FRIGHT HOUSE is an inviting, chilling, old-school spooky story that teens will love! Creepy and highly entertaining.” –Jonathan Maberry –New York Times bestselling author of THE NIGHTSIDERS and ROT & RUIN

"A wild roller coaster ride through a house of horrors unlike any you've read about before. Fright House starts fast and doesn't let up until the final page."—Nate Kenyon, award-winning author of Sparrow Rock, Diablo, and Day One

“Unsettling, Fright House made me look over my shoulder as I read this alone at night. Fred Wiehe wrote a horror novel in league with” Poltergeist,” “Insidious,” and Shirley Jackson’s "The Haunting of Hill House" (this last one even scared me in the daytime, in a room full of people years ago!). You may not look at that next haunted house attraction in a real insane asylum or prison the same way again after reading this book. Just when you thought it was safe to get scared, Fright House does it to you.” —Pamela K. Kinney, I Smell Sheep,

“The modern horror story sparked during the emergence of science and technology following the Age of Enlightenment. It came down to us through a tradition of Gothic Romance, and was perfected by no less than the master of murder and mystery, Edgar Allen Poe.  Hence, even in the most recent adaptations of the genre, we still find its mossy roots buried deep in 19th Century literature, comingling Gothic themes of darkness and death with the Romance novel, which intertwine nature with fantasy, and pit the infusion against an increasingly technical and analytical world.

Fred Wiehe has written an exemplary modern horror story, Fright House. It combines today’s technologies, afforded to the ghostbusters leader by Tory Jackson, with a classic setting of an abandoned insane asylum, nestled in the deep woods on a darkened, stormy night.  The setting of the old edifice, itself, with its great expanse and its squealing iron door, reminds us at once of a foreboding castle, complete with dungeons, as we accompany Tory’s team on their journey through this tale.

All the roles in a Gothic medieval troupe are assembled here among the paranormal investigators: the warlord, barbarian, wizard, cleric, fighter, and sorceress. Their quest becomes a battle between good and evil, and a struggle between the strengths and weaknesses within the main characters themselves.  On an allegorical level, the story’s main character, Penny Winter, serves as a concoction of a Penny Dreadful and the darkened chill of a mid-winter’s night.  She, like the major character Tory, struggles throughout the story with a psychological past that impinges on their present situation.

Mr Wiehe’s story runs full force from start to ending, fueled on two major themes:  keys and a haunted personal past.  Survival is -- as always in these stories -- predicated on the ability to prove one’s strength in the face of peril.  Our major characters, flawed as they are, possess what is needed internally, holding the key of character and using it to unlock hidden internal strength at the most critical moment.  Using an interesting play of emotion between the two major characters in Fright House, Mr Wiehe presents the relationship between Penny and Tory in flux: now at odds, now united, now loathing each other.  It is symbolic of a love-hate relationship, which, as often the case, becomes so strong against adversity that it must surely triumph.

There is something here for all who enjoy a good, scary tale.  For the reader who is enmeshed in the horror story tradition, it reminds us, at some level, of Poe’s short story, "The system of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether."  For the viewer of horror movies – “The Forgotten (Don’t Look in the Basement”) comes to mind --  Fright House reads like a fast-paced movie, trading endless deep description in prose for crisp, flowing dialogue that invites the reader to stand shoulder to shoulder with the characters as they converse.

Here, it should be mentioned, is where Mr Wiehe excels in his craft.  He could be called a “minimalist” in his writing style; every word is carefully chosen to take its place among a group in sentences that convey vivid imaginary without the need for large textual overhead.  As a rule for horror writers, less is more, and Mr Wiehe enforces the rule through suggested imagery of gruesomeness without clubbing us over the head with it.

Fright House should be on your reading list as your next injection of a horror story. As an alternative to a late night passive viewing of a horror movie, this engaging tale reads rather quickly. Better than any movie you may watch, the images Mr Wiehe conjures will make you look out of the corner of eye as you read, and may stay affixed in your memory, like a blood-stained wall, long after you finish this memorable tale.”  —Dave Sciuto, The  Horror Zine

“Finished Fright House in 3 days and I have to say it was absolutely AMAZING! Glad I went back to buy it and got to get it signed!” —Julianna Moura, A Reader & Fan

"A ghost Hunter group showing up to a haunted attraction to see if they are real spirits there based on the place formally being an insane asylum where lots of dark experiments happened. The setting is fantastic and the fully developed characters really make them stand out and make you care what's happening. Personally read this book in two sittings and enjoyed every minute of it, highly recommend."—Josh Hitch, Reader & Fan

“I finished Fright House a couple nights ago, but I didn't have time to let you know until now. I read it in two days - the first day was about fifty pages, and the next day was the rest of the book I stayed up late reading it, which was probably a bad idea because it was absolutely terrifying. The imagery was intense and dark and gory and made me not want to turn off the lights in my room.

One weird occurrence was that when I got to the scene where the storm starts, it started raining really hard outside my car.

Anyway, thanks for the terrifying read! Good luck on all of your other literary escapades!” Amiya (the person at Barnes and Noble)

“4 Stars Creepy and Innovative Kills.
Great creepy gory tale with believable characters. Highly recommended. The only thing I didn't care for was the multiple uses of things we, as readers, would have gotten by the second time it was mentioned. Like being reminded of the storm raging outside at the top of every new segment/chapter for awhile (we get it, crazy storm making it extra creepy) or Penny having a disturbed past. Or the House urging the characters to kill who is to blame (that's how I have to say it without spoilers) so many times. I feel like that was beaten to death (pun intended) a little. But overall I couldn't put this down and really dug the different ways and means Fright House found to fully creep us out. Great work!” Liz Koch Cousins (Reader) on December 4, 2015

"Fright House is one of those books you can't put down. I was hooked from beginning to end. The book was alive and fraught with vivid and apt details and descriptions including action verbs. I could feel the sense of evil. I would not read this book in bed at night it was that creepy. It should make a great horror movie." Michael Hopkins (Reader)

"5 Stars Awesome Read. Creepy tale with great characters to boot. A group of ghost hunters at an insane asylum in hopes to meet real ghost a girl Penny who has a sorted past. The ghost want to kill her the ghost hunters want to help to survive the night. Don't want to give too much away. Mr. Wiehe wrote one hell of a story that you yourself is in it at least I did GREAT job Fred." Roostermania on Amazon

"4 Stars: It started out a little slow, but it was fantastic! It defied my expectations in the best way." Gianna, GoodReads

IT IS A MUST READ!" James McMillen on Amazon


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Trade Paperback



Aleric: Monster Hunter

Amazon Bestseller, 2012

Gauthier Publications, Novel, Adult Fiction, Hardcover, ISBN: 978-0-9833593-1-9, Out of Print

Black Bed Sheet Books, Novel, Adult Fiction, Trade Paperback & E-Book, ISBN: 978-0-9886590-8-7

Aleric Toma Bimbai is a two hundred-year-old Gypsy who hunts monsters for bounty. His task this time, however, is to save a zombie rather than exterminate it. But Wasso Wonko is no ordinary zombie. He can still think. He can talk. Besides, Wasso is Gypsy. In his search for answers, Aleric uncovers a sinister plot that threatens the very existence of his people. He will have to go up against a mad scientist, as well as  the self-proclaimed King of the Gypsies and test his reputation of being unkillable.




"With Aleric: Monster Hunter, Fred Wiehe breathes dangerous new life into urban fantasy. With a lightning-fast pace, dangerous twists and action that will leave you breathless! Disturbingly entertaining!" --Jonathan Maberry, New York Times best selling author of DUST & DECAY and DEAD OF NIGHT

"Fred Wiehe's latest novel Aleric: Monster Hunter is an ambitious book that ties fast paced action into well-researched gypsy custom." --Read Horror

“Novels about zombies or about vampires seem to be everywhere these days. What makes Aleric: Monster Hunter different is this novel has both. Plus, the hero of the book, Aleric, is a Gypsy Rom, placing a nice twist into the character development.

Writing about Gypsies can be handled well or poorly, depending upon the research and/or exposure to their culture by the writer. Fortunately, author Fred Wiehe authentically captures the essence of Gypsy behavior, even to go as far as to insert phrases of their native tongue. I was not always as impressed by the idea that Wiehe felt he needed to translate immediately afterwards, word-for-word. I think perhaps a better effect would have to let the reader have an idea of the meaning by Aleric's reaction, and not always have him parrot the translations.

That said, it is a minor complaint when compared to the over-all excitement of this book. Aleric is deeply in love with his wife, Jetta. The problem with that is, his wife has been a vampire for two hundred years. They keep their marriage alive because she visits him periodically for sexual encounters. That has worked well....until Aleric meets another Gypsy named Pearsa, who is mortal, beautiful, and available. When Jetta finds out, she is overcome with jealousy and seeks to retrieve her husband out of Pearsa's clutches, never minding the fact that she also has a lover, another vampire.

Meanwhile, Aleric continues his quests as a monster hunter in San Francisco, coming to the aid of Wasso, who is a zombie in need. The descriptions of this famous city as Aleric travels through it are sparse, creating a missed opportunity for the feeling of the locale. If Wiehe has slowed down and included scenes of what Aleric had seen as he patrolled the streets of San Francisco, it would have added a nice dimension to the narrative.

Still, for those who love vampire yarns, Aleric: Monster Hunter delivers. For those who love gruesome zombie stories, parts of Aleric: Monster Hunter meets those needs as well, as witnessed by this passage: "Black zombie oil, decomposed flesh, putrefied brain matter, and dead maggots sprayed back at him like returned fire."

As I said earlier, the descriptions of Gypsy life are very authentic in this book, which is interesting in itself. Wiehe delivers a fascinating and realistic account of a culture frequently overlooked in fiction. Wiehe writes the positives and negatives of the Gypsies, including Pearsa's con games to part her victims from their money. Wiehe tells the truth about Gypsies, and that makes the plot very convincing. All of this adds to the feeling that Aleric: Monster Hunter is a very unique and unusual book.

Aleric: Monster Hunter never lacks for excitement. There are always adventures and pursuits by the King of the Gypsies who want to stop Aleric's quests. Aleric himself is a complicated character, driven and moody, but deep and well-written.

If penned by a less competent author, Aleric: Monster Hunter could have wound up "over the top" because it crosses into so many different types of monsters. In lesser hands, the book could have come across as "trying too hard." But Fred Wiehe delivers a smooth, believable account of a troubled man on a mission. Wiehe's Aleric is a convincing character, and the types of monsters that Aleric seeks makes us glad to be a voyeur of his adventures. Aleric: Monster Hunter is one thrill-ride of a monster mash.” —Jeani Rector, The Horror Zine

Aleric: Monster Hunter is for adults, not children. And the monsters in Aleric’s world are particularly venomous.” Annie Lubinsky, The Beach Reporter

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Holiday Madness: 13 Dark Tales for Halloween, Christmas & All Occasions

Special Edition: 2 extra short stories, 15 in total

Black Bed Sheet Books, Short Stories, Collection, Young Adult (YA) Fiction & Adult Fiction, Trade Paperback & E-Book,  ISBN: 978-0-9842136-5-8

Special Edition ISBN: 978-1-4812-1325-7

The holidays have never before been more spine-tingling or more fun for Young Adults (YA) and Adults alike than in this collection of 13 (15 in the Special Edition) supernatural short stories. Halloween short stories include Trick or Treat: It's the Puppet People; Trick or Troll; The Uglies; The Halloween Box; and Ghosts, Inc. The Special Edition includes the short story Halloween Creep. Christmas short stories include A Gremlin for Christmas; Holiday Madness; The Three Wolf Men; Run, Run Rudy: A Zombie's Not Too Far Behind; Santa's War; and Christmas-Time Gremlins: A Sequel. The Special Edition includes The Perfect Gift. The two short stories for all occasions Raven Mocker and Bad Moon round out this collection.




"With HOLIDAY MADNESS Fred Wiehe proves that Halloween is no longer the scariest time of the year.  HOLIDAY MADNESS is weird, twisted, spooky, wild and outrageous.  Very highly recommended!" —Jonathan Maberry, multiple Bram Stoker Award winning author of THE WOLFMAN and MARVEL ZOMBIES RETURN

“Wiehe’s 13 tales of holiday terror will shock and thrill you to the bone. Teens and adults alike will love the twists and turns in this collection. Not a word wasted. Great stuff!!”—Nate Kenyon, Bram Stoker Finalist for his novel Bloodstone and the author of The Reach and The Bone Factory.

"Ghouls and Santa, Ghosts and Aliens—a stocking full of bloody holiday stories hung with care. Scrooges of all ages will shriek with delight!”—Del Howison, author, editor, part-time actor, and owner of Dark Delicacies Bookstore in Burbank, CA

“[Holiday Madness is] a chilling collection of madness and despair that will turn your insides out.”Lee Pletzers, author of over 40 short stories and editor of four anthologies.

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Strange Days

 Helm Publishing, Novel, Adult Fiction, Trade Paperback & E-Book (.pdf),  ISBN: 0-9760919-9-2

An ancient and evil entity--a monster from another dimension--has murdered Frank Talbort's wife and stolen his identity. In possession of Frank's body, the monster embarks on a bloody killing spree that terrorizes San Francisco. Meanwhile, Frank desperately searches for a way back to three-dimensional time. He must re-enter the physical world if he has any hope of stopping the monster that controls his former body. To that end, he turns to a comatose patient for help. Officer David Kemp has suffered a traumatic head injury while investigating the murder of Frank's wife. He now lies in a hospital bed, fighting for his life. Frank's spirit joins with David's and successfully reawakens the broken body. However, their combined spirits also awaken an internal, schizophrenic battle between two personalities. The competing memories and emotions make it all but impossible to function. Somehow, the two spirits must come to terms with their inner demons and learn to work together. Time is running out. The body count is rising. And the monster has his sights set on David's wife next. They must stop it in time. These are Strange Days indeed.



“Strange Days by Fred Wiehe is one of those wonderfully strange, mind-twisting stories that never goes where you expect it to go, and always delivers shocks and thrills. This puppy begs for film or graphic novel adaptation.” –Jonathan Maberry, NY Times Bestselling Author of Ghost Road Blues

“Wiehe’s punchy prose pounds us with dementia, mis-adventure and enough multi-dimensional mayhem to KO Quinten Tarantino and leave him smiling as he hits the floor.” —Weston Ochse, author of Scarecrow Gods and Appalachian Galapagos

"A novel of ageless evil, told with wicked abandon and stylish prose. Fred Wiehe has established himself as an important voice in a new age of horror fiction!"  —Nicholas Grabowsky, author of The Everborn and Halloween IV

"This story [Strange Days] is intense, full of gore, murder, sadness and evil but also touches strongly on the spirit of humanity, the essence of life and the truth that good will overcome evil.  If I may use my favorite term, this book 'creeped me out,' and for all those who want the jabegies scared out of them don't miss reading it. A winner in its genre, definitely giving the reader exactly what they expect to find, and more. One little tip, if you are reading this at night you may want to turn on a few extra lights. Definitely horror at its peak!”—Shirley Johnson, Midwest Book Review

"Wiehe has written a solid adventure with a metaphysical twist that is fast moving and action filled. Be on the lookout for this one and others in the future. Wiehe is out to make a name for himself in the horror field, and this is a damn fine start.”—Barry Hunter, Bayron Magazine

"Fred Wiehe knows what he wants with horror, and the imagination is of an author that doesn't exactly fit with the current trend. If he was alive in the 1930's he would find great company with the likes of H.P. Lovecraft and Algernon Blackwood.”—Nickolaus A. Pacione, Renegade Horror Writer

“I received my book on Thursday afternoon. I could not wait to read it. I waited until my children went to bed to begin. I was up almost all night reading. I could not put it down. Even when I had to stop reading because I was so tired I kept looking at it and saying "one more chapter" that's all I wanted but my eyes could not stay open. This is by far the best book I have ever read. I finished it this afternoon, the day after receiving it. The story was amazing, it literally scared me at times. The horror was excellent. The writing was that of greatness. Fred Wiehe is the best in my books. I cannot wait to read the next one.”—A Kid’s Review

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Night Songs

 Authors Choice Press, Novel, Adult Fiction, Trade Paperback & Kindle E-Book, ISBN: 0-595-18839-7

Alfie Free and Tommy Chandler, two San Jose police detectives, have been partners and friends for thirteen years. While neither of them is willing to acknowledge that ominously numbered anniversary, they can't escape the strange and horrifying events ahead. They soon find themselves knee-deep into the occult, chasing a drug kingpin and self-proclaimed vampire. Moreover, their snitch turns up in a back alley. Dead. Drained of all his blood. When Tommy unexpectedly inherits a ranch in the Santa Lucia Mountains of Big Sur, both he and Alfie agree they need a vacation and quickly flee San Jose. They can not, however, escape the dark cloud of their thirteenth year together. In Big Sur, while traveling through a dark and foreboding forest, Alfie and Tommy meet and quickly befriend a kumpania, band, of Gypsies. And suddenly, they're forced to protect these new friends from wolfish beasts with hell-fire eyes. The only warning of the beasts' imminent attack is their Night Songs.



"This [Night Songs] is an EXCELLENT book. Full of excitement and humor, you can’t help but read on to find out what will happen next. Mr. Wiehe has shown great aptitude for leading his readers astray with plot tricks and twists, then springing the real plot on them like a starving werewolf. He is also very skillful at leaving openings for sequels…(hint, hint, Mr. Wiehe!) Both well-edited and written, Night Songs is a great book. I not only recommend it as a keeper, I strongly urge you to buy this book. I have a feeling Mr. Wiehe’s books will become collectors items someday!”—Lisa Hurley for Tracy’s Book Reviews

"This is the second book that I have reviewed by the author, Fred Wiehe and I must say that I am impressed by the growth. The author’s ability has grown considerably with his second novel and I feel that he is now on the brink of claiming his spot on the Horror Hall of Fame. This book captivated me, leaving me with scenes that still linger to this day. Mr. Wiehe has moved his art of writing forward and graduates to the top of the class. I give this book a rating of 5."—Ken Mason for

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 Commonwealth Publications, Adult Fiction, Novel, Mass-Market Paperback,  ISBN: 1-55197-333-2, Out of Print

Authors Choice Press, Adult Fiction, Novel, Trade Paperback,  ISBN: 0-595-17924-X

Starkville, a sleepy burg in the Sierra Foothills, is under attack. Something is infecting its people, transforming trusted friends into psychotic killers. Maggie Stark, a retired homicide detective, hopes to escape the nightmares and death that surround her family and former career. To this end, she leaves San Francisco with her eight year old son, Billy, and returns to her home town. But Starkville is not her salvation, as she had hoped. Violence erupts all around her. And when Deputy Sheriff Sam Waters calls on her investigative acumen to solve a puzzling and brutal murder-suicide, she is reluctant, yet resigned, to help him with the strange and eerie mystery. The investigation takes a bizarre twist when she and Sam become embroiled with a one hundred and fifty year old Chinese man named Wing Sun. Only Wing Sun knows the deadly secret concerning the outbreak of violence that infects the town! Only he knows how to destroy the evil invading Starkville.



"This [Starkville] is an excellent book. Mr. Wiehe has done a fabulous job! The characters suck you into their world, and you can’t stop yourself from turning the page to find out what happens next. Both well written, and edited, Starkville will wrest emotion after emotion from you. It is obvious Mr. Wiehe researched his subject matter well, and although you get the pleasure of reading some wonderful Chinese tales, everything is plainly understandable. There is nothing confusing about this book. This is one of the best horror/sci-fi books I’ve read in a long time, and I think it would make an excellent addition to anyone’s collection.”—Lisa Hurley for Tracy’s Book Reviews

"Fred Wiehe has written a fast paced, non-stop story [Starkville] that will draw you in and keep you hooked. The characters are believable and the research has been well done. The demon in the story is unique in its description and how it carries itself. The horror parts were not overly graphic but the author gave the reader enough to fill in the blanks with his own imagination.”—Ken Mason for

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Creative Writing: Get Started Writing Fiction

Amazon Bestseller, 2018

 F&W Media, Trade Paperback ISBN 1981083936, Kindle, & .PDF, Instructional Book, Non-Fiction

You want to write short stories, books, and novels. You want to tell a story, create unforgettable characters, entertain and awe readers. You want to see your byline on a short story in a reputable magazine or e-zine. You want to see your novel or book in a bookstore or on Amazon. You dream of being a writer and making a good living at a profession you love.

But you have no idea how to get started. You have no idea how a story works, how to create interesting characters, how to devise intricate plots, how to create conflict, how to describe setting or mood, how to choose a point of view, how to write an action scene, how to SHOW rather than Tell, or how to create sparkling prose with metaphors and similes. Then this is the book for you. Learn from a professional. Don't put your writing career off. Learn the skills needed to be a successful writer from a creative writing instructor, respected author, screenwriter, and member of the Horror Writers Association.


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