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Understanding is Often Painful



What Monsters Do For Love,  Soteira Press, Anthology, Hardcover, Trade Paperback & E-Book. ISBN: 979-8632089432

 A massive horror anthology series spanning three books and over one hundred stories by an international team of bestselling, award-winning, and visionary authors, WHAT MONSTERS DO FOR LOVE offers a treasure trove unforgettable tales about monsters (of both the human and inhuman varieties) that range from the deceptively whimsical to the heartbreakingly terrifying, and everything in between.




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Shadow Man


Horror USA: California, Soteira Press, Anthology, Hardcover; Trade Paperback & E-Book,  ISBN: 978-1672505284

Terrors, horrors, creeps, and shrieks found in California.  All stories take place in California.






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Predator & Prey

Slices of Flesh, Dark Moon Books, Short Stories, Trade Paperback & E-Book, ISBN: 978-0-9850290-9-8

Do you like your horror in small bite-sized chunks? If so, then SLICES OF FLESH from Dark Moon Books will activate your taste buds like zombies drawn to fresh brains. These flash fiction short stories oozed from the brains of some of the best horror writers from around the world and will fit perfectly into your daily diet of "scary." You'll find Predator & Prey by Fred Wiehe in this anthology of short stories.


Cover art for Slices of Flesh by Mike Mignola, Creator of Hellboy.



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The Collection


Read Us Or Die! Black Bed Sheet Books, Short Stories, Trade Paperback & E-Book,  ISBN: 978-0-9886590-6-3

"These authors are bright, fresh, talented, comedic, compassionate, and downright scary when they want to be. So sit back, turn off the lights, and read the book. Or die. I wouldn’t want that to happen to you, but then again once you step inside our world, anything can happen. Close your eyes. Take a breath. The sounds you hear are real. There is no turning back. Keep reading. Or die." --from Introduction by Jason Gehlert --Featuring the talents of— Fred Wiehe (The Collection) - Cinsearae Santiago - Brandon Ford Jessica Lynne Gardner - Lincoln Crisler - Jason Gehlert - William Cook - Reyna Young - Tom Sawyer - K.K. - Rey Otis - Shannon Lee - B.L. Morgan - Tammy Gehlert - S.C. Hayden - Franchisca Weatherman - Jake Istre Patrick James Ryan - Horns - Jason M. Tucker Amity Green – Adam Aresty – Jennifer Caress And Nicholas Grabowsky Edited by Jason Gehlert.



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The Ethereal Gazette #12, Lake Fossil Press, Short Stories, Trade Paperback,  ISBN: 978-0-83882-0


This anthology [The Ethereal Gazette #12)  has short stories by the likes of Ray Faraday Nelson 8 O'Clock In The Morning), Deborah Richards (A Black Awakening), Nicholas A. Pacione (The Midnight Diner), Jeff Skinner (Take A Right At The Graveyard), Fred Wiehe (Creeper), and many more--35 short stories in all, guaranteed to creep you out.





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Trick Or Troll:

ShadeWorks, 2008 Halloween Edition, On-Line Magazine, Out of print

This short story is also included in the collection Holiday Madness: 13 Dark Tales for Halloween, Christmas & All Occasions.


Trick Or Treat: It's The Puppet People:

Sinister Tales Magazine, 2007 Halloween Edition

This short story is also included in the collection Holiday Madness: 13 Dark Tales for Halloween, Christmas & All Occasions.



The Uglies

Based on a short story by Fred Wiehe in Holiday Madness: 13 Dark Tales for Halloween, Christams, and All Occasions.

Famed Director Paul Lynch (Prom Night) said, "I read your script The Uglies and was pleasantly surprised, and most impressed. Great characters, story and it kept me reading."

Semi-finalist in Circus Road Films Screenplay Contest

Logline: On Halloween night, the granddaughter of a real witch must somehow summon the power to stop a mass invasion of her small town home by savage creatures after the unexpected death of her grandmother breaks a decades-long spell.

Synopsis: Ellie Evans returns to her hometown of Solemn, Indiana for Halloween. After the death of her mother when she was ten, Ellie was raised as a witch by her grandmother. It was her grandmother’s mother who had saved the town decades earlier from hideous creatures—dubbed the Uglies--that swooped out of the night sky and attacked the people of Solemn. Only the magic of Ellie’s great-grandmother had stopped these winged marauders from killing and feasting on everyone in sight. It was that same magic that imprisoned the demons within the hollow of a gnarled and withered, ageless tree at the edge of town. And it’s that same spell—passed down from mother to daughter in this family of witches—that still holds these creatures at bay today. Over the years, the Uglies became nothing more than local legend. The ageless tree, with the mysterious iron box embedded within its twisted trunk became nothing more than a place for young couples to lose their virginity. And the women to whom the entire town owed their very existence became people to fear, ridicule, and taunt as unwarranted and malicious rumors swirled around this family of witches. It was those nasty rumors that had sent Ellie running away to college, unwilling and unprepared to take over the responsibility of keeping the family spell intact and the town safe. Now Ellie’s back. But the rumors haven’t stopped. The Halloween tradition of taunting the local witches still goes on. And at the moment of Ellie’s grandmother’s unexpected death, the sky darkens, giving warning of the oncoming storm and the dangers ahead. For the long-held spell is now broken, and the Uglies are again unleashed upon the people of Solemn. And only Ellie can save them.

Agents, Talent Managers, Producers & Directors can request the script by contacting Fred at


Fright House

Story by Fred Wiehe & Dave Reda (Elftwin Films). Script by Fred Wiehe. Fred's new YA novel Fright House, released April 1, 2015, is based on this script.

Logline: A young girl must come to terms with her gift because her psychic ability inadvertently unlocks the true horror behind a Halloween attraction. Meanwhile, a young paranormal investigator and his up-and-coming, ghost-hunting team is hired to investigate this one-time insane asylum.

Synopsis: Penny Winters. Pennys always been different. She's seen things, unexplainable things, that at 13 years old land her in a psych ward. There, her parents all but abandon hernever once visiting. Then, after years of therapy, shes supposedly cured and unceremoniously released. But her classmates wont accept her, or let her forget. They call her a freak, tease her at school, and cyber-bully her on FaceBook, Twitter, and in text messages. Even her teachers and her family are afraid of her. So Penny runs away. She sets out on her own to make a new life for herself, determined to disappear into society and hide from her past. All well and good, except shes fast running out of money. Being underage and a runaway leaves her with little to no options. No other recourse left, she lies about her age and her past to land a job at a Halloween attraction called Fright House. As luck would have it, the owners desperate enough to hire her without a background check. But she should've known better; a one-time insane asylum is the last place she should be. Even before her first day, she experiences premonitions of impending danger. But money, security, and independence talk louder than ghosts. Now, though, she regrets her decision to manage the morbid attraction, for it seems as if her demons have resurfaced and her psychic powers are on overdrive; she begins seeing things, frightening things that make no sense to her. And shes sure her sanity is slipping away because, as she learned in therapy, theres no such thing as ghosts.

Tory Jackson and his Paranormal Scene Investigations (PSI) team, however, do believe in ghosts. In all their time investigating the supernatural, theyve just never found one; that is except for Torys inexplicable and secret childhood encounter with his mothers ghost. Still, on every job Tory and his team hope to find a true haunted locale and see ghosts. But over and over theres either insufficient evidence or they prove these so-called haunted places are nothing but hoaxes or the fanciful imaginings of inane people. Thanks to Torys trust fund, they arm themselves with digital video cameras, thermal cameras, EMF detectors, EVP equipment, Geiger counters, ghost boxes, and other high-tech, expensive gadgets but confirmed, undeniable proof of paranormal activity continues to elude them.

When Tory and his team are hired to investigate a sudden rash of supernatural events at Fright House, they hope this will be the job that finally brings them face to face with the spirit world. Though they suspect the owner, Cyrus Peabody, of creating an elaborate hoax as a publicity stunt to garner free advertisement, they remain forever hopeful. So Tory and the gang pack up their belongings and leave So Cal for the Bay Area, determined to either prove the existence of paranormal activity at Fright House or show their employer is nothing short of a con artist.

After Tory and PSI arrive and begin to prepare for their investigation, they first meet Penny Winters and soon, mysterious, supernatural activities occur. EMF, EVP, and radioactive readings go through the roof. Cold spots, bizarre voices, and strange sightings plague them. As their investigation continues, they learn that Fright House is the site of the old Ludlum Insane Asylum. Built in 1918, the asylum finally closed down in 1989 due to a long, sordid history of patient abuse and dark, unorthodox experimentation into mental illness. After sitting vacant and unused until 2006, the asylum was turned into a Halloween attraction.

Unbeknownst to anyone, the arrival of Penny has awakened the asylum's long-dormant ghosts. Her sensitive and clairvoyant nature has given Fright House power, enabling it to manipulate the once scary but harmless Halloween attraction into a dangerous, deadly place and turn its staff into real-life monsters. Patrons and staff alike start to go missing, and even though they were last seen entering the haunted hospital, the local police can find no proof of foul play and so cant shut it down. Much to their dismay, the Paranormal Scene Investigators start to believe that the one-time insane asylum is not only haunted but also sentient, with a dangerous agenda all its own: It wants to possess Penny, to absorb her psychic powers, keeping its ghosts forever 'alive'.

Penny proves difficult to control, however, and as Tory and his team delve deeper into the haunted attraction's horrifying secrets, they discover that Penny's not only an instrument in Fright House's insidious plan, she's also the key to stopping it.

But time is running out. On Halloween night, all hell breaks loose, for that is the night Penny must die and become one with the ghosts. To that end, Fright House is willing to kill everyone.

Best-sellers Best-selling Author Fred Wiehe Creative Writing fiction novels books horror science fiction fantasy adult fiction young adult fiction YA writer short stories


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